Well logging, although implement various principles in practice, but basically is dedicated to one common goal to measure certain physical parameters of rocks being drilled continuously in order to get interested information concerning the formation, their porosity, permeability and the nature of containing fluids.
With the recent trend to build an effective synergy in Geophysics, Geology and Reservoir Engineering approach, the Formation Evaluation is becoming more and more challenged, not only in their contribution to refine horizons and layers definitions in geologic modelling, but also in defining indispensables parameters for perforating intervals selection, which is usually related to a certain production target.

In this context, this course is designed for the log analyst, geologist and engineer who has experienced working in a team or is being prepared to work in a synergy team. However this five days course develops the capability for independent work in application of Formation Evaluation to exploration and production problems. The emphasis is on illustration by examples and case histories.

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Content

  • Review of log measurements and response relations with emphasis on log principles, records and quality control.
  • Review of interpretation techniques covering both the standard techniques and cross plotting techniques.
  • Porosity cross plotting techniques for rock typing and effective porosity determinations using the porosity relations for all dual combinations as well as the tri-porosity combination.
  • Shaly sand interpretation.
  • Review of basic flow assurance, including wellbore damage estimation, gross & net sand sorting perforation intervals candidates and flowrate estimation.
  • Perforation technique, including the strategies, methods and recent available supporting services.

Recommended for

Production engineers, supervisors, superintendents, assistants & operators, drilling engineers, supervisors, superintendents & operators, Petroleum engineers, supervisors, superintendents & operators, geologist

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