Introduction to Petroleum Engineering


Course Description:

This course provides a good understanding of most key aspects of petroleum engineering technology and its applications. The course focuses on practical day to day issues encountered in the petroleum industry. A broad range of relevant topics are covered which include fundamentals of petroleum oil and gas reservoir engineering, well completions and work over engineering, petroleum geology, drilling fundamentals, casing and cementing, production operations and optimization, primary and enhanced petroleum oil recovery mechanisms, as well as safety and environment.

Course duration: 3 days

Course Content:

  • fundamental understanding of petroleum engineering technology
  • an essential working knowledge of  drilling operations and completions
  • reservoir fluid and rock properties
  • basic geology as related to oil and gas reservoirs
  • production mechanisms: primary, secondary, tertiary; enhanced oil recovery and improved oil recovery
  • environmental and safety aspects related to petroleum industry

Recommended for: 

This basic course is designed for petroleum industry personals which include junior petroleum engineers, operators and technical support and administrative personal.

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