Course description

The main objectives of this introductory course are:

1) To introduce the fundamental geophysical investigation techniques and the use of the proper geophysical application for specific projects;

2) To introduce students to geophysical data collection methods;

3) To introduce geopysical data analyses and interpretations.


After successfully completing this course, delegates should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the terms, concepts and principles of geophysical exploration.
  • Be aware of the relevant physical properties of Earth materials for geophysical interpretation.
  • Identify the appropriate geophysical exploration techniques for a given natural resource exploration program or environmental investigation.
  • Be aware of the value and limitations of the application of geophysical techniques in geological interpretation of the Earth.
  • Understand the nature of the Earth’s physical properties and their usefulness in practical natural resource exploration or environmental investigation.
  • Understand the economic and logistical limitations of geophysical techniques.


Duration: 5 days


Course Content

Course Topics include:

  • Gravity Methods
  • Resistivity Methods
  • Magnetic Method
  • Electromagnetic Method
  • Radiometrics and geochronology
  • Induced Polarisation Method
  • Seismic Methods
  • Wireline techniques

Recommended For

This basic course is designed for personnel seeking a general knowledge and overview of Exploration aspect, Geophysical Method, and how to interpret the geophysical data in oil and gas exploration field.







Course Description

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