Course description

This course is targeted to provide a simple explanation of some physical principles of drilling operation. The course also presents the most usable mathematical equations in this field, which is highly important in well control situation.

Course duration: 5 days


Course content:

Upon completion of this course the participant will have good understanding of the following main topics:

  1. Unit systems and conversions
  2. Area, volume and capacity formulas
  3. Calculation of wellbore, drill string and annulus capacities
  4. Different types of pressures in the well bore
  5. Pump speed, pump pressure and pump efficiency calculations


Recommended for

Rig math is delivered basically to people who have fair background in drilling to help them understand the mathematical logistics behind it. This course is designed mainly to be delivered to green hand engineers or expert operators, floor men and drilling assistant that are being promoted to be in more responsible position in the rig. In brief any person who is involved in dealing with drilling operation in general and well control specifically can attend this course

Course Description

Fees: 300 Dollar
Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Project Description

Location:Dammam, Saudi Arabia