Course Description

To provide operations, production, and reservoir engineers with the newest and most accurate methods for obtaining values of reservoir fluid properties from laboratory data and correlations, along with a better understanding of the relationships between the five reservoir fluids. Following completion of this course, all participants should be able to manage problems concerning reservoir fluid properties with greatly increased confidence.

Course Duration: 5 days


  • Introduction to reservoir fluid properties analysis
  • Identifying the five reservoir fluids
  • Compositional gradients in reservoirs
  • Properties of black oils from laboratory reports (featuring recent calculation procedures)
  • Field data required for using reservoir fluid property correlations
  • Properties of black oils from correlations (featuring several recent correlations)
  • Properties of dry gases (featuring several recent correlations)
  • Properties of wet gases
  • Wet gas applications and computations
  • Properties of retrograde gas
  • Condensates from laboratory reports
  • Properties of retrograde gas condensates (recent correlations)
  • Suggestions on obtaining water properties

Recommended For

  • Operations, production, and reservoir engineers who need to determine accurate values of the properties of reservoir gas, oil, and water for use in engineering calculations and want an understanding of the way three fluids behave as the reservoir is depleted.

Course Description

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