Lujaeen Consulting provides professional consulting services for geological, hydro-geological, petroleum and environmental purposes.essay writer Our focus is on delivering projects to specification, on budget, and on time, and to assisting our Clients in the steady pursuit of its business objectives.  Lujaeen Consulting draws on a diverse network of established local, regional and international associates, including; geologists, petroleum, geotechnical, environmental, electrical and mechanical engineers, , land surveyors, , and environmental specialists who we have developed close working relationships with over the years.

Our Consultation services include the followings:


Petroleum and geological services

  • 2 D and 3D Seismic interpretation
  •  Conventional and unconventional oil & gas exploration
  •  Prospect maturation
  • Core and cutting description
  • Well-site geology for conventional and non-conventional
  •  E& P technical Studies

Environmental Consulting Services

  • Monitoring, measuring and assessing environmental risks.
  • Environmental Consulting & Studies to both the public and private sectors.
  •  Environmental assessment studies for industrial projects.
  • Measurement, follow-up, analysis and setting up a control system in the following areas:

o   Air pollution.
o   Water pollution.
o   Soil contamination.
o   Noise pollution.
o   Waste.
o   Radiation and industrial pollution.

Business Development 

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  •  Geological and E& P technical Studies
  •  E & P computer software evaluation and recommendation
  •  Staff coaching and in-house training
  • Liaised with government officials, contractors, services companies on E& P activities
  •  Setting up E & P training programs
  • Developing new investment and joint venture projects
  • Project management